Fire Extinguisher Training

Discover the power of fire safety training with Rubikon. In Ireland, fire incidents continue to pose a risk, making training crucial. Our expert courses and hands on approach ensure you're prepared.


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Why Choose Rubikon for Your Fire Extinguisher Training Needs?

At Rubikon, we take fire safety seriously, and our training reflects that commitment. Here are eight compelling reasons to choose us for your training needs:

Advantages of Using Rubikon for Your Fire Extinguisher Training:

  1. Local Expertise: We understand the unique needs of your business and work nationwide.
  2. Proven Results: Our training helps trainees prepare for fire incidents.
  3. Compliance Assurance: Stay up-to-date with regulations.
  4. Tailored Programs: Customised for your industry.
  5. Hands-on Experience: Practical skills development, learning to actively discharge fire extinguishers.
  6. Certified Instructors: Top-tier training professionals.
  7. Flexible Learning: Options for every schedule – online and in person training.
  8. Safety First: Your well-being is our priority.

Join Rubikon today for unmatched fire safety training. Protect what matters most!

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