Health & Safety Services

We offer a comprehensive range of health and safety services that are designed to provide you with the tools you need to keep your business safe and compliant with the latest legislation and peace of mind that comes with it. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you achieve compliance with all relevant regulations and standards, whilst also tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. Whether you require risk assessments, training, or consultancy, we have the expertise to ensure that your business remains safe and secure.

Fire Health and Safety Consultancy

Mitigate Risk, Enhance Compliance: Trust Rubikon's Consultancy for Safety Excellence

Risk Management

Ensure a solid understanding of risk management to protect your business from adverse events. Our practical and common-sense approach helps you prevent accidents, reduce insurance claims, and foster a positive safety culture. Trust Rubikon to guide you through the process, handholding you and providing ongoing support.

Risk Surveys

Experience our expertise in conducting comprehensive risk surveys across various industries. From insurance underwriters and brokers to hospitality, education, manufacturing, and more, we identify hazards, assess risks, and provide site-specific recommendations. Our user-friendly reports empower you to prioritise and address any issues with clarity and confidence.

Risk Assessments

Transform risk survey findings into actionable risk assessments and hazard analyses. Identify and mitigate risks through a structured and easy-to-understand tabular format. Our comprehensive risk survey findings are incorporated into your Safety Statement’s Risk Assessments, ensuring compliance with regulations, your statutory duty and safeguarding your employees and clients.

Safety Statements

We will compile a robust Safety Statement that adheres to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 2005 and General Application Regulations, 2007. Our detailed compilation covers areas such as Intent, General Safety Policy, Safety Program, First Aid, Emergency Arrangements, Communication, Training, Contractors' Procedures, and more. Stay compliant and protect your workforce.

Retainer Services

Partner with us for ongoing comprehensive training and advice through our Retainer Services. Benefit from regular on-site audits and training sessions to keep your business compliant with fire, health, and safety regulations. Our customised packages fit your needs and budget, ensuring peace of mind and a safe environment for employees and customers. This will also serve to help reduce insurance claims and comply with your statutory duties. Invest in the safety and success of your business with Rubikon's Health and Safety Consultancy. Mitigate risks, optimise compliance, and create a culture of safety that drives growth and prosperity.

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Certified Online Safety Training

Empower Your Workforce, Anytime, Anywhere: Certified Online Safety Training with Rubikon

Are you searching for convenient and effective online safety training solutions for your workforce? Look no further than Rubikon. Our certified dulann online safety training takes a Montessori and cognitive approach, ensuring engaging and interactive learning experiences.

Why choose our online training?

  • Does your business require accessible and flexible safety training options?
  • Are you looking for courses that cater to specific workplace compliance requirements?
  • Are you seeking comprehensive online training programs built on the latest instructional design principles?

At Rubikon, we have partnered with dulann, our trusted IT partners, to develop and power a wide range of certified online safety training courses. We continually update and expand our course offerings to meet the evolving needs of businesses like yours.

Our most popular courses include the following:

  • Health and Safety Induction
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Food Safety (HACCP)
  • Cardiac First Response
  • Manual Handling Theory
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Our courses are designed to be engaging, interactive, and user-friendly. Through our Montessori and cognitive approach, we promote active learning and knowledge retention. Your employees will have access to multimedia resources, practical scenarios, quizzes, and assessments, enabling them to apply their newfound knowledge effectively. Certificates are not awarded for attendance, but upon successful completion of the course exam.

Invest in the convenience and flexibility of online training without compromising on quality. Join the growing number of businesses that trust Rubikon for their certified online safety training needs. Explore our course catalogue and empower your workforce with the essential safety knowledge they need.

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Full list of online training:
  • Customised Employee Induction
  • Customised Contractor Induction
  • Customised Site Induction
  • Manual Handling Theory
  • Fire Safety Awareness
  • Food Safety Level 1
  • HACCP Food Safety Level 2
  • Cardiac First Response
  • Working at Heights
  • Health & Safety Induction
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Allergen Awareness
  • Serving Alcohol Sensibly
  • Driver Safety Awareness
  • Infection Control Awareness
  • COVID-19 Compliance Officer
  • Customer Care – Retail
  • Customer Care – Hospitality
  • Chemical Safety Awareness
  • GDPR Advanced
  • Incident Reporting
  • Forecourt Emergency Procedures
  • Patient Handling Awareness
  • Medical Gases for Nurses.
  • Medical Gases for Porters
  • Oxygen for Nurses
  • Oxygen for Porters
  • Palliative Care Overview
  • DES Inspection
  • Child Protection
  • Inclusion for Children
  • Early Years Induction
  • Learning Environments for Early Years
  • Managing Martin (Dealing with difficult customers)
  • Noise Awareness
  • ATEX Awareness
  • Confined Spaces
  • Drug Awareness
  • Employee Induction HR
  • Abrasive Wheels Awareness
  • First Aid Responder (blended)
  • Cyber Security Awareness
  • Building Resilience/Coping with Stress
  • Bullying and Harassment
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Fire Training - nationwide

Classroom and Onsite Training

Empower Your Workforce: Customised Onsite Training for Optimal Safety

Invest in the safety and competence of your employees through Rubikon's comprehensive in-person health and safety training programs across Ireland. Our training is designed to equip your workforce with the essential skills and knowledge to work safely and efficiently in any work environment.

Why choose our classroom and onsite training? Consider the following:

  • Are you seeking customised training programs tailored to your specific requirements?
  • Do you want experienced and qualified trainers who will guide your employees through the latest regulations and best practices?
  • Are you committed to creating a safer, healthier workplace through effective training?

At Rubikon, we believe that effective health and safety training is vital for protecting employees and fostering a secure work environment. Our experienced trainers will deliver engaging sessions, ensuring that your employees understand their responsibilities and how to help ensure a safer workplace.

Our classroom and onsite training options offer the flexibility to deliver training at your premises or a location of your choice. We understand the importance of convenience and accessibility in ensuring maximum participation and impact.

Choose from our wide range of traditional classroom courses to meet your business needs, including:
  • Manual Handling
  • Food Safety (Level 1 and Level 2)
  • Allergen Awareness
  • Basic Fire Safety
  • Fire Warden
  • Fire Drill & Evacuation
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Ergonomics Training & Assessments
  • Chemical Safety Awareness
  • Basic Noise Awareness
  • Health & Safety Induction
  • Safety Representative Training
  • Mitigating Insurance Claims
  • Heartsaver AED / CFR
  • 1 Day Emergency First Aid
  • 1 Day Sports First Aid
  • First Aid Responder Classroom (PHECC)
  • First Aid Responder Blended (PHECC)
  • First Aid Response Refresher Classroom
  • First Aid Response Refresher Blended

Can't find what you're looking for?

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Online Compliance and Learning Management Systems

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From Compliance to Performance: Elevate Your Organisation with Rubikon's Integrated Systems

Are you looking to enhance compliance processes and improve learning efficiency within your organisation? Rubikon, in collaboration with our IT partners dulann, offers a comprehensive suite of Online Compliance and Learning Management Systems designed to streamline operations and ensure regulatory adherence.

  • Do you struggle to stay updated with changing regulations and operational demands?
  • Are you seeking to automate compliance processes and reduce the risk of penalties?
  • Do you need a centralised platform for training delivery, employee progress tracking, and learning program evaluation?

Our dulann Compliance Management, Learning Management, and Quality Management Systems provide powerful tools to meet regulatory requirements, drive performance improvement, and mitigate risks. With our automated systems, organisations can efficiently manage document and policy control, track training progress, and generate insightful reports.

Key features of our dulann systems include:

1. Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Launch engaging inductions and onboarding processes.
  • Create customised, branded, training programs for your company.
  • Track training completion and encourage continuous learning.
  • Automated reminders of course expiry dates etc.

2. EHS Management System:

  • Contractor Compliance
  • Risk Assessments
  • Audits
  • Health and Safety Reporting
  • Plant and Equipment etc

3. Quality Management System:

  • Document Control
  • Issues and Opportunities
  • Non-Conformances
  • Audits
  • Corrective Actions etc.

4. Maintenance Management System:

  • People
  • Equipment
  • Interventions
  • LOTO (Lock Out Tag Out)
  • Risk Assessments
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Fault Reports etc
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Experience additional features such as document version control, automatic warnings for high-risk activities, risk assessments, intervention handover, and digital permits with line breaks and digital signatures.

Improve compliance, reduce risks, increase productivity, and drive performance with our IT partner dulann’s Compliance and Learning Management Systems. Embrace the digital transformation and empower your organisation for success.

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